BMW self-adjusting clutch centering mandrel/sleeve


BMW self-adjusting clutch centering mandrel/sleeve

It is commonly known that a self-adjusting clutch must be installed with using the special tool: 400 0437 10. Self-adjusting clutches for all BMW models are an exception to this rule.

With these, a locking piece in the clutch cover is used as an installation aid. After installation, it is removed with a suitable hexagon wrench (Allen key) in a counter-clockwise direction.

But how do you center the clutch, since the locking piece prevents access to the clutch plate hub?

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offers shorter centering mandrels for the different hubs. The length of the centering mandrel is designed to reach only as far as the locking piece and therefore center the clutch plate perfectly.

Another special design element is a pilot bearing inserted into the transmission shaft, which engages with pins protruding from a dual mass flywheel. For this design with N54 or N55 engines, we offer a clutch centering sleeve solution.

- 400 0078 10 => 32.5-mm hub

- 400 0045 10 => 28-mm hub

- 400 0110 10 => 26.5-mm hub

- 400 0046 10 => 23-mm hub

- 400 0076 10 => clutch centering sleeve

All BMW centering mandrels are available individually and are included in our self-adjusting clutch tool box 400 0437 10.

Vehicle-specific installation instructions can be found in REPXPERT, as well as further information on the part can also be found in our product range.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

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