Clutch kit 620 3268 00 for PSA - Incorrectly machined pressure plate?


Clutch kit 620 3268 00 for PSA - Incorrectly machined pressure plate?

After unpacking the clutch and seeing the pressure plate, even an experienced technician would look twice. Can this work? Is it a manufacturing error? 'I have never seen such a smooth surface,' says the technician, or something similar.

What has happened here? “Normally, the surface is textured, you can see the grooves.'

Correct. Normally.

However, in this case, this is a completely new production process. This is because the pressure plate has not been cast and then machined as usual. It is formed from sheet steel using the deep-drawing process - therefore rendering the subsequent machining step unnecessary.

The thermal absorption capacity and friction coefficient are unaffected, the pressure plate assembly fully meets the technical requirements. There are no differences in installation – so marvel at it for a second or two, but then install it calmly without concern.

Vehicle-specific installation instructions can be found in REPXPERT, as well as further information on the part can also be found at

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