Correct installation of 2.1 generation wheel bearings with snap ring


Correct installation of 2.1 generation wheel bearings with snap ring

A wheel bearing is generally pressed or pulled into the bearing housing by the outer ring. Otherwise, the bearing clearance or preload will be negatively affected and this will cause premature failure.

But how do you press a 2.1 generation wheel bearing unit in, when the wheel hub covers the outer ring?

Directly via the wheel hub? Never!

This would introduce force through the inner ring of the bearing and therefore damage or destroy the wheel bearing unit. In addition, it is likely that the snap ring would not engage cleanly with the steering knuckle groove, meaning that the wheel bearing unit would not be not held in place axially, and the wheel speed indication may be faulty as a result.

It is essential to use a special tool (e.g. Klann KL-0041-4xx series). This fits directly onto the snap ring and holds it in position. During the insertion process, force is then only applied via the outer ring. A click sound indicates that the snap ring has engaged properly with the steering knuckle groove – this means the wheel bearing unit is securely fixed in the steering knuckle and the wheel bearing has been properly installed.

Tip: Clean the steering knuckle groove thoroughly and remove any existing fragments of the old snap ring – this is destroyed during the removal process.

Vehicle-specific installation instructions can be found in REPXPERT, as well as further information on the part can also be found at

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