For when it’s meant to run smoothly Installation tool kit 400 0537 10 for damper modules


For when it’s meant to run smoothly Installation tool kit 400 0537 10 for damper modules

On the Audi A4, A5, A6, Q5 models with 6-gear manual, 7-gear DSG and CVT transmissions, the torsional vibration dampers and dual mass flywheels (DMF) are not attached directly to the crankshaft. A flanged drive plate transfers engine power to the DMF.

Why is all this needed? In these transmissions, the differential is located upstream of the clutch. At the point where the DMF is usually located, the flanged drive shaft runs across the bell housing. The drive plate creates the necessary space and ensures these systems can also make use of the proven damper technology.

During repair work on such modules, the connection between the drive plate and driving plate is of crucial importance. It is comparable with clay on a potter's wheel. If it is not exactly centered, it is almost impossible to form anything artistic. In the drive, an offset position leads to a loss of comfort through hums, drones and vibrations.

In order to prevent this, Schaeffler offers an installation tool kit that enables offset-free fitting.

The radial support tool (1) is crucial for smooth running of the drive. It joins the index hole of the drive plate to the service opening of the gearbox. At first glance, there is no difference between the index hole and the other mounting holes. On closer inspection, however, you can see that it is oval-shaped. It is used to align the threaded holes in the driving disk precisely with those of the drive plate using the first screw – this is the only way to reach the full comfort potential of these modules.

The handle (2) allows the modules to be pulled out of or pushed into the gearbox easily and without injury.

The axial support tool (3) prevents the module from moving while attaching the gearbox to the input shaft.

Each module is supplied with mounting instructions to aid use of the tools.

Vehicle-specific installation instructions can be found in REPXPERT, as well as further information on the part can also be found at

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