48V-Mild-Hybrid Systems – Tomorrow’s Mobility Today


The 48V-Mild-Hybrid FEAD KIT is Schaeffler’s latest development for P0 Hybrid Drives and completes the existing FEAD KITs. 

Modern cars contain a multitude of comfort features, e.g. Wifi, multimedia devices or heated seats, resulting in a higher demand for energy. Also, car companies are required to lower the CO2 emissions of their car fleets.

These new challenges can be addressed with the 48V Mild-Hybrid technology. It allows for new driving modes, saves fuel, can be easily integrated and is cost efficient. Furthermore, there are no new safety restrictions needed for the workshops. It is simple to mount and demount. It saves weight, which in return also improves the efficiency of the car. 

The Belt Alternator Starter (BAS), which consists of the generator and a tensioner with two rollers is mounted to the auxiliary drive next to the engine. It is used for boost, recuperation, sailing and the Start/Stop system. 
With the new 48V-Mild-Hybrid technology the FEAD system develops from an energy consumer to an energy provider with savings up to 7% in CO2 emissions while switching off the engine when sailing or Start/Stop in traffic. 

The potential for our customers is high since the number of cars with a 48V-P0-Mild-Hybrid is growing fast and the FEAD system with its Belt Alternator Starter will be affected with higher, interactive loads. This leads to higher wear with an increase in repairs.
The first FEAD KIT for the 48V application (Renault) will be available by the end of this year. Further FEAD KITs for Hyundai/KIA/Mazda/Mercedes will follow next year.