Now also available for tractors – the INA FEAD KIT from Schaeffler

10/6/17 / INA

Now also available for tractors – the INA FEAD KIT from Schaeffler

LANGEN, 05. Oktober 2017. Schaeffler expands its tractors’ portfolio with the INA FEAD KIT – a well proven solution for repairing front end auxiliary drives the company already offers for passenger car applications. This move now into the tractor segment is in response to a steady increase in tractor engine designs fitted with these ever more complex systems that operate under heavy workload. Schaeffler is the first on the market to provide garages with the right repair solution for this growing segment. This saves time, simplifies correct installation and ensures system function, and so minimizes follow-up costs or issues.

Essential and under heavy load – a modern tractor’s front end auxiliary drive (FEAD) has to operate in a variety of harsh environments, while handling engine high loading and sustained power output. This can only be realized if all its components work together optimally. If one of these components is worn out, it could cause the whole system to fail. The new INA FEAD KIT makes system repair uncomplicated, fast and efficient. This intelligent repair solution is now available, beginning immediately, for the most common John Deere tractor models. The portfolio offer will be expanded to cover more brands in the near future.

“If a modern front end auxiliary drive gets damaged, and you only replace a single part, like the multi-ribbed belt, then you’re intervening into a running system,” said Keith Leadbeater, Director Commercial Vehicles at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. “It’s not always possible to identify without a doubt what really causes a problem with the front end auxiliary drive either. So these kinds of ‘sporadic’ repairs are only a shortterm solution. Garages would do well to adhere to specified maintenance intervals with tractors as well. If there is damage or unusual wear found, it’s better to replace all of the worn out parts of the front end auxiliary drive in one shot. This way, tractor owners can depend on their vehicles being in the field again quickly, and expensive follow-up costs will be unnecessary.”

With the INA FEAD KIT, Schaeffler combines in a box the components required for professionally repairing the front end auxiliary drive. Furthermore, the company continues to expand its cross-brand product range for tractors. Depending on the application and FEAD system design, each solution can be made up of a combination of multi-ribbed belt, tensioner, idler pulley, overrunning alternator pulley (OAP) – components recommended and approved by Schaeffler for long-lasting and professional repair. Besides the KITs, selected single components of the FEAD can be ordered.