Schaeffler launches new dry and wet double clutch repair solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

10/18/18 / LuK

Schaeffler launches new dry and wet double clutch repair solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket

Major extension of LuK RepSet 2CT portfolio

With its LuK RepSet 2CT, Schaeffler is not only the first, but until now the only company on the spare parts market to offer a repair solution for dry double clutches. Schaeffler has now extended this portfolio with new applications for Fiat, Renault and Smart models. Furthermore, the LuK RepSet 2CT from Schaeffler is now also available for vehicles of the VW Group using wet double clutches.

LANGEN, 18 October 2018. Changing gears without an interruption of power transmission is a major advantage for drivers of vehicles with a double clutch. This innovative product ensures more driving comfort and lower fuel consumption at the same time. Schaeffler recognized early the potential of this technology for the Automotive Aftermarket and became a pioneer in double clutch repair when it developed the LuK RepSet 2CT repair solution. As the latest addition, the Aftermarket division now also has this repair solution for the Smart Forfour and Fortwo, the Renault Twingo (all three gasoline models with the 6-speed 6DCT250 transmission), for additional vehicles of the Fiat Group (gasoline and diesel versions of Fiats, Alfa Romeos and Jeeps with the 6-speed FPTC635 DDCT gearbox) and for Suzuki (gasolines and diesels with the 6-speed TCSS transmission) ready. In addition, Schaeffler now also offers repair solutions for the wet double clutches used by Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen (with the 7-speed DQ500 gearbox).

“With these new applications for both dry and wet double clutches, we once again demonstrate our innovative power and our long years of competence in clutch repair,” said Rouven Daniel, Head of Transmission Systems at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. “Our global market coverage in the clutch segment is already over 80 percent and it will increase further.”

The principle behind double-clutch technology is complex. Simply explained: At the same moment, one clutch is transmitting torque while the second clutch is being positioned for the next gear. This facilitates smooth shifting from one gear into another without a drop in power transmission or performance. The dry double clutch is used especially in vehicles with lower torque, because the heat resulting from this cannot dissipate otherwise. In contrast, the wet double clutch is used mostly for vehicles with especially high drive torque of over 250 Nm. Due to the oil cooling it enables the transmission of higher torque levels. In this version, the heat that results during shifting and accelerating from a standing start dissipates in the oil circuit.

Whether it’s a dry or wet version, every LuK RepSet 2CT not only comes with the double clutch, it also contains all components required for repair that have been precision-tuned for replacing a specific double clutch system. This product is completed by the appropriate modular special tool system that is required for replacing the double clutch. The vehicle-specific tool sets for each application can easily be combined with the basis tool set.

Every LuK RepSet 2CT, and every special tool case, comes with detailed information about the technology and installation in eight languages. You can find this, and additional information about these repair solutions, along with the entire portfolio of the Automotive Aftermarket division from Schaeffler, at the REPXPERT online portal ( Here registered users have access to all technical information like installation videos and technical brochures.