The new Ruville Torsion Bar Kit from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

2/26/15 / Ruville

The new Ruville Torsion Bar Kit from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

LANGEN/HAMBURG, 26 February 2015. A premiere for the independent Aftermarket – Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of suspension springs by offering a new Ruville torsion bar kit for rear axles of the Renault Kangoo passenger car model, available as of April 2015. With this new product, the Aftermarket specialists underscore their suspension expertise under the Ruville brand, and take another step forward in the development of innovative repair solutions.

The new repair solution consists of four torsion bars, which are also available separately. All torsion bars possess a high-quality coating that protects them from corrosion and ensures long service life. Parallel to this, the Aftermarket specialists have developed a tailor-made special tool that makes it possible for garages to carry out efficient repair on all Renault and PSA vehicles with torsion bar suspensions.

Regardless of whether it’s from stone impact or high load conditions – once the surface coating of a rear axle torsion bar has been damaged, this component will begin to rust. This will inevitably result in the torsion bar breaking, and the vehicle will no longer be safe to drive. The torsion bars of the new Ruville repair solution, on the other hand, will hold up even under extreme load thanks to their zinc-flake coating. When combined with the Ruville special tool that goes along with it, independent garages are able for the first time to quickly and efficiently replace broken torsion bars with long-life torsion bars manufactured in OE quality.

“Up until now, a lot of car owners faced with this kind of damage, have tended to purchase a new car due to high cost of repair,” says Maik Evers, Director Program Management Ruville, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. “With the Ruville torsion bar kit and the special tool that goes with it, we are giving independent garages a complete package that they can use to affordably and quickly repair the rear axle of the Renault Kangoo. This is repair that really pays off.”

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