INA Timing Belt KIT with Water Pump

Maximum efficiency for work in the belt drive


Product description:

The timing drive guarantees the precise combustion process in the engine and guarantees the precise angle drive of the camshaft, which opens and closes the valves at the right time. Prerequisite for consistently accurate "control times" is constant tension of the timing belt with tensioning pulleys and deflection pulleys.

If the belt wears or the belt tension varies the camshaft can also no longer work accurately. The result: The engine no longer runs at full power. In the worst case you can skip teeth, which can even lead to full engine damage.

In addition to this risk, the requirements of all belt drive components have continuously increased in the last few years. Higher loads in the engine compartment and a longer life expectancy mean that garages typically have to replace all belt drive components at once in the framework of the intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

If the water pump is also driven by the timing belt this wear part is usually also included in the changes. In this way consequential damage and high repair costs are avoided. The timing belt KITs with suitable water pump from INA contain all of the necessary components for a lasting repair in one operation, saving both time and money.


  • Efficient and intelligent repair solution – fast part search, rapid repair
  • All components for the assembly included and perfectly coordinated
  • All parts in the usual OEM quality
  • Leading range, with more than 250 different timing belt kits with water pump
  • Depending on the type of vehicle also including thermostat